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I am an Air Traffic Controller based at Perth Airport, the major domestic and international airport in Western Australia. I recently worked on a transfer to Avalon Tower near Melbourne, Victoria. Avalon is a one man tower open from 7am to 8pm, so it was a very pleasant change from working a 24 hour roster. Check out the 360 view from the inside of Avalon Tower here (right click and select "save link as" or similar, then run it once downloaded, requires Flash Player)

I have been in ATC since 1975. My employer is Airservices Australia, and I am represented by our union, Civil Air.

Civil Air is more a professional body rather than an industrial union.

As an ATC I have worked at Perth (enroute, tower, radar approach departures flow) Jandakot (a VFR tower or GAAP tower as we call it in Australia), Karratha, Sydney Tower, and a secondment to Canberra in Operations Support.

If you want to see more about the TAAATS system that we use, check out David McMillan's home page. He is a controller at Melbourne Centre.

The photos below are of Perth Tower where I have most recently been working.

I worked the Avalon International Airshow in March 2009. Following that, I stayed at Avalon Tower until mid December 2009 when I was deemed vital to Perth Tower, where I resumed work.

Looking at retiring in 2011, hopefully after working the Avalon Airshow 2011.

2010, and the roster at Perth tower was so bad, I thought it was time to retire. However, I was made an offer I couldn't refuse, and am now back at Avalon, working gentleman's hours on another all expenses paid holiday. Not quite as much fun as the first time around, lacks the novelty value of living in a different city. I was at the Airshow in March 2011,which wasn't as good as 2009 from an ATC point of view, a bit disappointing. Returned to Perth Tower April 2011.

25 July saw my last operational shift in the Tower in Perth. I am on leave until July 2012 when I will officially retire. So far, 7 months down the track, I am not missing it a bit.

March 2013 and the tide turned. I was offered (OK I volunteered) to work casual back in the tower at Perth. Fits in well with me. I work the shifts I want, to a degree, and still get the time off we want for our travelling. The pay is pretty good too so we can splash out a bit more than we may otherwise on our travels. So far, so good.

July 2015 was my last shift with Airservices. As usual, got the usual thanks from the company for helping them out, nothing. I have not missed it for a moment since finally walking away. It's been an amazing journey and I have many memories and made some wonderful friends.

Dawn. Taken by an Airport Safety Officer from the domestic apron.

Bird's eye view, courtesy of Wings Photographics

From a distance


A view from the top