Lauren and Gareth's Wedding

Owen and Julie in the UK

France 2013.


I'll try to keep this page up to date with interesting and relevant sites.

afl   The Australian Football Leagues home site, for latest results and news

dockers  Home site for the Fremantle Football Club

eagles   Home site for the West Coast Eagles Football Club

Jandakot Tower home page, hosted and updated by Moby

Moby's Site: An ATC in Perth Tower with so many toys!

Computer Places:

Austin Computers Osborne Park

Netplus Computers Also in Osborne Park, my preferred system supplier

MSY Computers New to Perth but well established. Excellent component prices

PLE Computers Wangarra, usually cheapest component and consumable prices

Oz Cable Guy The best resource site for networking and broadband. Also has excellent prices and range of networking gear. Based in Queensland but top delivery service.

TEGCOM In Sydney, cheapest by a mile for ink cartridges. Again, top delivery service.

Other sites: